Friday, October 24, 2014

Nun's Island

I found what seems to be the only survivor from Brazil - a piece of watercolor paper with washes done for Behzad's workshop. I decided to try the Nun's Island view again and here is the result:
I suppose composition-wise it is not the best. The tip of the island is like that - few buildings with big spaces in between,  but the fall colors looked great and this is why I stopped the other day. I guess I could have skipped the buildings...I'll keep trying, I like this idea a lot.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Last Saturday few of us met for the Sketchcrawl. The day ended up being colder th at I thought and I had to take refuge at the Grande Biblioteque. I finally settled on doing quick sketches of the people in the street as I did in Suhita's workshop.
 Quick line sketch (maybe 5 min) of a church - I keep forgetting its name - on Ste Catherine next to UQAM.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Metro sketches

The skool assignment was to go out and draw stories. I did not have time to go anywhere, but I was riding the metro the other day and it was not very crowded. To pass the time I decided to sketch people around me. I did not have any paper; I ended up using the daily newspaper - whatever pages had less print. I added some acrylic paint at home.

I am always amazed at how things turn out - combination that I would not have thought off on my own. For example the green line from the newspaper ended up looking like a table for the computer; the turkey is chasing the old man; a ghost is coming through the window...if i had time and energy I could try writing a short story about each of these...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Siamese elephants

True to my promise to play with watercolor shapes, I created some shapes ... and I got this:
Isn't this amazing? I had no intention to draw elephants and my previous attempts to such endeveour resulted in terrible sketches... and now here they are .. two of them ... and a shoe!

Added some accents - not sure it made the sketch any better ...

I only have Photoshop Elements - and I don't know much about using it. I cleaned the background a bit and saturated the color of the shoe:

Dancing elephants ... or maybe Cinderella turned into an elephant at midnight ...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Paraty church

This turned out better than the original sketch done on location. I used the same modified approach from the previous post. I will give it another try though starting first with the shapes. There is another building in the foreground and I want to include it in the sketch because I think it would improve the sense of depth of the image.

Here, I started with big shapes of color and I could not add the white building after the fact. However, the building could be a different color also. To be investigated ....

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nun's Island view

The weather was good Thanksgiving day so I went for a walk around the neighborhood. At some point, I had a nice view of the Nun's Island tip. I did a quick sketch directly with watercolor using Behzad's technique from his workshop in Paraty.

The difference was that i applied the washed to somewhat match the view as opposed to randomly putting color to the paper and then trying to work with the resulting shapes. Usually when I do this, I end up with animals or faces and rarely with landscapes or still lives.

A previous attempt resulted in a terrible sketch. I wanted to darken the colors and I used an approach suited for acrylic paintings where I glazed many times with darker colors. Except that with watercolor this is not a good idea because the transparency of the colors was gone and all I had was mud.

In this sketch I tried to keep in mind the "tea, milk and honey" idea - only 3 passes of color. In the end it becomes a juggling act so that the first layer is not too light and not too dark either to allow for subsequent development of shapes.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Santa Teresa street lamps

I am going through the pictures I took in Brazil. Very, very slow process. And I am also trying to sketch them as i go trying to reconstitute the lost sketchbooks.

I spent the last day in Rio in the Santa Teresa neighborhood - I might have mentioned that in a previous post. Around lunch time, a few of us stopped at a small corner coffee shop/neighborhood store for a coffee and a soft drink. Some of us decided to sketch the street lamps. Here is my second version of the lamps:

 I glued an used coffee filter at the bottom of the page to cover up a botched up sketch of a car.

I do like this second sketch, if I say so myself ...