Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The cherries, not the cake ...

I am unabashedly indulging my second addiction - cherries ....

The page was pre-painted. I used sepia acrylic ink spread with a straw. I then squeezed cherry juice and spread it on the page, then I used colored pencils for the fruit. The juice remains sticky, so using pen is probably not a good option.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Analytical sketching

The class is over, but I hope the teachings remain...

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Perspective studies

I spent the day in Vieux Ste-Rose yesterday trying to get the hang of the proportional divider and other tricks to make perspective drawing more manageable. Some people are good at guesstimating angles, volumes etc. I am a spatial dyslexic. What I see and what is on paper sometimes have very little in common. Hence the use of tools. I had t he proportional divider for a while, but I obtained mixed results with it. I figured out why yesterday.

Before lunch we went outside for about an hour to practice measuring angles and distances. I chose to draw the Centre d'art.

It came out relatively ok - it holdes together. There was a lot of measuring and erasing that's for sure and I kept thinking about the popular advice of drawing everything directly in ink. Great advice for those who are not spatially challenged ...

After lunch we went behind the church to find a spot and draw the church itself. I used a view finder to draw a border on the page (9x12 schetchbook used for the dynamic drawing class). I also determined how much space there was between the building and the frame. I then took out the divider and started placing the vertical lines and determining the width of the building.

Somehow, my church did not fit on paper the same way it did when I looked through the viewfinder... hmmm...interesting ..... I finally clicked. I kept changing the position of the divider - sometimes it was vertical and sometimes horizontal. Ha!!! Once I figured that one out, the church fit better on the page.

It took a good two hours to come up with this:


The great thing about it is that it holds and that is what I want. I am not interesting in photographic rendition of whatever it is I am drawing, but a building has to hold together. When it does not, it hurts to look at it, it is that bad.

I am in the middle of packing to move so time is becoming an issue. I hope to be able to draw at the Loyola campus before I move.  It has a variety of architectural styles to choose from.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Blackout poetry

I read "Steal like an artist" and re-discovered found poetry. I used to have two sets of magnetic words on my fridge - one Italian and one English. Every know and then I rearranged them, individually or combined, and come up with bilingual poetry.

This time, I played with newspapers - blacked out with marker all the words, except the ones I liked. I glued the paper in the sketchbook and doodled with a Galaxy pen. Fun ...

Here, there are three columns of an article glued next to each other. 
Here are the results:
The Wall
the virtues and vices
vaccinated me 
against the 

Earlier assumptions
with deep impact on
right to explain
justice and fairness.

the inequalities
"I belong" temptations
with a fresh eye.

deal with reason
The theory taught
the happy story
simply urges
role playing more intense than realistic scenarios

A minimum of involvement is required. 

that seed 
to take note.

beautiful and 

light magnet
love illuminated

Thursday, July 3, 2014


When I reached this prepainted page in the journal, I was not sure what to draw on it. In the end I decided to use my hair clip as inspiration - it has a peony in the same pinkish shades that were already on the page. I drew three views of the flower.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Matcha latte

I was at the Second Cup the other day with only a ballpoint pen sampling their matcha latte.

Added colored pencils at home many days later ...

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Flower studies

I had a bouquet of gerberas and I wanted to do some studies using analytical sketching process (starting with bigger shapes, simplifying, using markers and pen). Can't say I found a way to draw flowers that I am satisfied with ...

I like the leaves more than the flowers.

 The last one was done directly in watercolor and the first one in pen.